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Updated March 2020



This site contains erotic images and content. If this disturbs your ethics and your morals please get out. Continuing navigation you automatically declare to be of adult age (over 18 y.o.) and to accept the contents of the site.

Browsing this site and clicking on the links on this website, you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions of the website. In no case, the administrators of this site shall be liable with regard to the services offered by the advertisements or for the content that will be added by a companion on the web page.

The offer Users are solely responsible for the services offered in their ads and they will respond personally to the Laws in force for infringement and / or commission of any crime. The staff of the site reserves the unquestionable right to block, remove and obscure ads and pictures and denounce offer Users in case it is found a violation of an applicable law.

We are not employers

We are not employers of the Users included on our web pages. These are agencies and/or independent Users who made sure that all services are in full compliance with the law in force. Also, the staff working for the management and development of this site does not provide absolutely no type of supplementary service (photo shoots, layout of ads, or its translation and or correction) and it provides only a technical support when requested.

You are an adult, and having at least 18 years of age you can not hold yourself offended by adult content on this site.

No offense

It is not allowed to access this site to take material to use against any person, real or not, in any other way imaginable. Your interest in all of the data are purely private and the content of this website is for personal use only.

Any violation of this fundamental and imperative rule will be promptly reported to the competent police authorities of the country.

No defamation

If you are talking to someone in a way that may be inappropriate, then you are making defamation. The content that is intended to damage the reputation of another person is a violation. We do not tolerate the lack of respect for other individuals and assume all legal initiatives to protect the personal and professional dignity of our and our customers.

Use only original photos

If we find that you are using unauthorized photos on your profile, we will suspend it without any refund signaling – where appropriate – the commission of any crime to the competent police authorities. The photographs published in the ads are the sole property of the offer Users and as such in their exclusive availability; any unauthorized use of these images by third persons will be reported to the competent police post and punished as provided by law.

Double profile

It is illegal and forbidden to have a double profile inside the site. If the latter will be discovered at the discretion of the administration, the profile will be deactivated and you will lose money and days left. In case of a complaint by the offer User a second check on the profile will be made before the total elimination.

Do not copy

No part of this website may be copied, reproduced, duplicated, downloaded, transmitted, sold, resold or exploited for any commercial purposes. The use of the service or access to the service which is exploited without the written consent of the Site Management is illegal and as such will be prosecuted under the law in force in the country.

Do not steal

You are not allowed to post on our network any content copied from any source. In the case that we find any infringement of copyright or rules will be forced to suspend your account without advance notice. No connection should be placed without the consent of the site linked.


If you have your own website and you are using our service as a second option, you need to put our banner or links in your website. You can find banners and html code in the ”work with us” page. If you do not respect this condition, your account can be suspended without advance notice.

“Sex for money” and / or prostitution

It must be considered absolutely prohibited to carry out marketing activities for services that are declared illegal in your country and, therefore, such activities are absolutely not permitted. If we receive complaints or we suspect that you are using ads that are not legal in your country, we will suspend your account without notice, reporting the findings to the Police Authorities of your country.

To be informed

You acknowledge that we reserve the right to modify these general rules and limits from time to time without advance notice. In addition, you agree that this the only regular and faithful accepted form as written in English.

All users were 18 y.o at the time of their insertion.

By accessing the site and using our services, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use and undertake to inquire about any modifications or additions, and to use the site in accordance with them.

The ads on the site hot-routes.com are published by an autonomous advertiser User, under its own full and exclusive responsibility. The publication of these ads is not subject to any prior determination by hot-routes.com.

hot-routes.com is not responsible in any way for the truthfulness, legality, respect of property rights, legality and/or possible contrary to public policy or morality, of the own contents entered online by the user.

hot-routes.com offers a service of publication and consultation of ads on the Internet without performing any role of interposition, mediation and brokerage between the demand User, the advertiser User and the User who responds to ads.


In present section (Terms and conditions of use) the term “User/’s” is referred to both the demand Users and advertiser Users.

The service can be used by people over 18y.o. The eventual use of the service by minor age people assumes and implies the consent of the parents or whoever is in charge of having a parental responsibility or guardianship over the minor user.

Therefore, they assume the full and exclusive responsibility for any conduct performed by the minor concerning the access, use and enjoyment of the service. The User acknowledges that hot-routes.com does not make any preventive control on the content of ads placed on the network, nor conducts any brokerage activity on any possible transaction performed between the Users themselves.

The Users assume, therefore, their full and exclusive responsibility, to hot-routes.com and to third parties, of the performed behavior.

The User uses the service provided by hot-routes.com with knowledge that it does not guarantee anything regarding the veracity of the content of the ads or the successful outcome of negotiations.

By posting an ad on thi website the User authorizes to ensure that the content of the ad is made visible and accessible to network users for advertising purposes also through the instrument of indexing (automatic or selective) on search engines, by posting them on other webpages, social networks and other advertising platforms with which collaborates  (such as other classified ad sites or vertical and generalist search engines), by advertising on broadcast media in order to more effectively promote the listings of the members.

The User agrees not to use the services supplied by the website  improperly or contrary to the provisions of Law and regulations and the rules of ethics and good use of network services (so-called “Netiquette”). Specifically, the User agrees not to transmit offensive material, libelous, defamatory, pornographic, paedophile, vulgar, obscene, blasphemous or anything contrary to the principles of public order and morality.

The advertiser is aware that the email address provided on this website will be worth as a means of distance communication.

Web Users are aware that in case of purchase of Standard and Extra (Premium, Gold, Vip, Banner) services, the transaction will be shown in their bank statement as payment to this website.

1. Any type of ad containing references to paid sexual services is not allowed.

2. Every type of pornographic image containing explicit genital organs in sight is denied.

3. The inclusion of paedophile material results in an immediate report to the competent authorities of all the access data to the site in order to enable to trace those responsible of the crime.

4. By placing the ad on this website, the User certifies he can access the content with full rights; he also declares that the images possibly inserted concern persons of legal age (over 18 years old) who have given their consent to the publication of the image in this website.

5. It is allowed to place the same ad on up to three different cities.

6. You cannot insert the same ad in the same city.

7. It is not allowed to insert Escorts ads, companions, or similar; It is not allowed to make any reference to the reception mode, welcome or similar.

8. Plug in the ads any type of link, clickable or non-clickable without prior consent from hot-route.com.

9. Insert vulgar or offensive texts and images.


The User, before making use of any service, must get informed on eventual changes and/or updates of the terms of use. Such changes and/or updates will form, in fact, an integral part of these general conditions and constitute a source of agreement between hot-routes.com and the User.



By purchasing a product in order to increase your ad visibility as Premium, Gold, Vip Banner you can access the reimbursement in accordance with the following process and methods:

Refund claims:

If an ad in promoting Extras was:

1. Removed by the staff as it was contrary to our policy and/or regulation reimbursement claims is not authorized.

2. Removed from the system (automatically blocked or banned by other users) reimbursement claims is not authorized.

The User, aware of the suspension of the listing service, in a timely manner, can ask the staff explanations of the reasons for the suspension and request a refund only of the period remaining until the completion of the cycle increased visibility. This website only reimburses days missing at the completion of the purchased visibility.

The deleted ad is never refunded in full if it has already taken advantage of the visibility purchased.

The benefits are counted not from the time of purchase/payment, but from the time of activation of the product on the specific ad.

This website never repays back the remaining credit following a voluntary suspension of the promotion. Therefore is highly recommended  to employ such service that will be useful for your needs.

This website always repays the remaining debts due to service interruption.

Reimbursement currency (EURO):

This website does not reimburse in cash for the unused credit, but only in credit card deposits. Therefore we highly recommend to buy the required amount of credits aimed at the promotion of the publications.


Particular cases of mistakes unambiguously and clearly made by the staff, regard the following possible exceptions:

Total refund of the credit:

Only if the user proves to have uploaded a promotion for error and suspends it immediately after publication and in any case before the first ascent, promptly communicating the situation to the staff.

The service usage is visible on the ad’s calendar.  If the staff considers the User acted in a good faith and an error of publication has been committed (such as uploading an ad on the wrong city), the full amount of credits used for that announcement can be refunded.

Reimbursement currency (EURO):

Only if the cardholder proves to be the victim of fraudulent use of his card by third parties (theft, cloning, improper use) and completely unrelated to the portal. In such case, the website will not be involved in the situation in any way.

If a purchasing error occurs, or if the customer was mistaken about the selection of credits, a disproportionate amount of credits to its needs, after analyzing the history of the user’s purchases/payments, the operator can decide to return the whole amount of credit and a full refund can occur.

Refund in euro is not taken into consideration for direct purchases of Extra products.

All cases presented in the “Exceptions” section above is subject solely to the discretion of the staff.

All redemption requests, of any nature, can be sent to help@escortbycam.com

Everything that is related to credit mistake, payment error, is not considered reimbursements and then do not take into account the specifications in this page.

For errors related to credit transactions, contact the staff on help@escortbycam.com specifying the error details and possibly attaching the receipt of payment and/or the email given at the moment of the purchase.

We remind to all Users that all reclamation are not resolved automatically and, therefore, for any doubt, explanation, refund request or other we recommend to contact:help@escortbycam.com